Monday, 1 July 2013

Sold out items from past collections

Collection #1: Modern cheongsams on a flare-cut swirly twist!

Collection #2: Around the World


Collection #3: Prints on Parade


Collection #4: Something for everyone

Collection #5: Christmas 2013 - Starry, starry night


This Christmas, as you don a new dress for that party, please take a moment to remember the underprivileged women around us that might not be able to enjoy the festive season due to their less-than-fortunate circumstances. OurBitsyPrints.com has collaborated with local social enterprise Daughters of Tomorrow to make a tiny difference in their lives. All proceeds received from this design "Orchids mosaic in galore" will be funded towards Daughters of Tomorrow's Livelihood Programs. Daughters Of Tomorrow is a social enterprise enabling livelihoods for underprivileged women in Asia, with a focus on Singapore and India. They work with the FSCs in Singapore to identify women in low-income or troubled family situations to provide skills training and employment opportunities. The vintage Orchid-inspired print on this dress aims to remind everyone that we are proud to be WOMEN OF SINGAPORE, supporting WOMEN OF SINGAPORE.
Wear our national flower with pride this Christmas or CNY!

Collection #6: New Year's Eve 2013 - Of Resolutions & Celebrations

Collection #7: CNY 2014 - In any colour... but RED!