Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sold Out: Collection #17 - Nostalgia Children's Day

Now, who says that Children's Day are just for the kiddos? Let's be wardrobe ready for Oct 3rd too! Have a great time reminiscing the past!

Please take note of the description of each piece before ordering. Model Jamie is 1.62m tall.

We are only accepting orders via email (ourbitsyprints[at]gmail[dot]com) at the moment.

To avoid the need to rejoin the queue, do state your alternative choice if your first choice is all pending by the time we reach your email. However, if you did not receive any reply from us, it means that the item you've chosen this time is really popular and are pending by other customers (we provide a 24 time frame for payment). We will reply to your email if there are any deadbuyers/drop outs so that you will only receive one confirmation email from us to avoid confusion. Thank you for your understanding!

1) Potong ice-cream - Sold Out

2) Oh, Lolli lolli! - Sold Out

3)  Audio tapes (on denim) - Sold Out

4) Tamagotchi - Sold Out

5) Fancy gems - Sold Out

6) Anime Action - Sold Out

7) Sakura masquerade - Sold Out

8) It's a small world (cheongsam top) - Sold Out



  1. sold out alr. :(( when r u next restocking / launching new collection?