Monday, 29 December 2014

Sold Out: Collection #20 - Paint the Town RED

Say GOODBYE to Mr Santa and HELLO to Mr Sheep!

Stand out in our key collection pieces this CNY! There will be more designs to choose from, but with the same limited quantities per design. Now everyone can now get something without the risk of wearing the same dress as someone else!

Please take note of the description of each piece before ordering. Model Jamie is 1.62m tall.

We are only accepting orders via email (ourbitsyprints[at]gmail[dot]com) at the moment.

1) Vintage Vines - Sold Out

2) Henna teardrop in maroon - Sold Out

3) Clockwork bunnies - Sold Out

4) Buttons Galore - Sold Out

5) Red lace dollies - Sold Out

For your girl's matching dress, please visit: www.babypixie.com to make your purchase directly online, thank you!

6) Kawaii pandas (cheongsam top) - Sold Out

7) Fancy feline (cheongsam top) - Sold Out

8) Coral sheep - Sold Out

9) Floral brushstrokes - Sold Out

10) Adorable Apples - Sold Out

11) Chirpy doodles - Sold Out

12) Spot the sheep! - Sold Out

13) Red siren midi dress - Sold Out

14) Blossoms & Batik - Sold Out


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