Monday, 31 August 2015

Sold Out: Collection #25 - A whimsical escapade

A quick escapade away from the city life... Flee and take flight - to the woods, into nature, or even to the moon, perhaps. But for now let's just pack a picnic basket for the weekend!  

Please take note of the description of each piece before ordering.

Model Xuan is 1.68m tall.

We are only accepting orders via email (ourbitsyprints[at]gmail[dot]com) at the moment. Thank you!

1) Blondie parakeets - Sold Out

2) Coachella doves - Sold Out

3) Sky garden in mint - Sold Out

4) Wacko watermello - Sold Out

5) Saturday flamingos (with detachable belt) - Sold Out

6) Moon bunnies (cheongsam top) - Sold Out

7) A vintage tea-party (cheongsam top) - Sold Out

- END - 

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